Turn your computer on and start earning


V.Cash is a zero-investment profiting software. Applying a sharing economy model, it utilises idle machine resources (e.g. storage space, computing power or internet bandwidth etc) to unleash the potential surplus values in your machines, in the form of WeChat Packet cash. E.g. A standard gaming computer (i7, 16G, 240G+2T, GTX1070) will return 67000 ingots in 24 hours(10000 ingots = ¥1 cash), and ¥200 cash one month in the form of WeChat Packet.The different periods of earnings will be subject to fluctuations due to the number of calculation tasks.

Ease of Use

Start earning in one click

Easy Withdrawal

¥1 minimum to cash out through WeChat Packets

Real Time Stats

Earning speed, vault balance, income history at a glance

Duo Earnings

Maximise income while balancing earning and machine usage

Floating Panel

Real time monitoring without entering the main app

Official WeChat Account

Link up with us for easy withdrawals, monitoring and promoting at your convenience

Download then install our software. Sit and watch it earn!



Answers to all your questions can be found here. This is an ongoing list and will be updated regularly.

What is V.Cash and how does it profit?
Are my daily earnings stable?
Why won’t V.Cash install on my computer?
What is the difference between cash withdrawals on the PC and WeChat?
Are ingots kept if they’re not linked to a WeChat account? If so, how long are they kept for?
V.Cash has been installed successfully, but why won’t it work or is low in speed?
Is V.Cash safe? What about user privacy?
How many machines can I link to one WeChat Account?
What does “current speed” and “device ID” mean?
What if I forgot to open the WeChat Packet after I cash out?
What happens to un-cashed ingots after I delink my WeChat account with V.Cash?
I have a smooth connection but why can I not make a withdraw?

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